The heatable Capsule Collection

The Future of Fashion

The Heatable Capsule Collection fuses sophisticated design and intelligent fabrics with technological competence and sets new standards for heatable apparel. A smartly integrated heating technology is part of the cross-seasonal collection and can be controlled interactively via an App, ensuring an individually adjusted temperature. A wearable tech innovation, the Heatable Capsule Collection guarantees to be the perfect solution for all types of weather, and suitable for travelling between season zones.

Two Heating Zones, fully adjustable via App
The dedicated App offers precise control over two heating zones around the pocket and kidney areas. Direct adjustments of both heating zones and 4-level intensity are easily tweakable.

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Heat Storing Fabric
The Schoeller® E-Soft-Shell heating technology features a fabric integrated heating function consisting of warmth-retaining sheep wool padding (Lavalan®), cork granulate insulation (corkshell™) and heat-conductive lining (E-Soft-Shell®) in pockets and on the lower back to evenly distributes heat. The built-in sensors allow to measure the temperature of the micro-climate within the jacket.
Individual Temperature Settings
The concept enables an individual and flexible setting of the textile integrated heating areas and intensities.
Water Repellent
The combination of various Schoeller® textiles and technologies such as Corkshell™ result in a high quality material concept that protects you from all weather conditions.
A hidden battery bank powers the heatable function, keeping hands and body warm, even on the coldest winter days. If heating isn’t needed, the power bank can be used to charge smartphones whilst on the go.

The Heatable Capsule Collection was developed in an exclusive partnership with tech pioneer Deutsche Telekom and smart fabric visionary Schoeller Textil AG, as part of Telekom’s Fashion Fusion Programme. Available in chalk and navy online at and at selected retailers including Telekom.


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